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    Distributed Audio - SLIMP3 Player

    Some weeks ago, someone mentioned an ethernet based mp3 player being used for distributed auto. Well I purchased one of the sliMP3 players from Slim Devices and I am very pleased with its' performace.

    Check out Slim Devices MP3 Player

    Initially I had some problems with the player but received an email response over the weekend within a couple hours from Seam Adams. Then after speaking to him on the telephone (he returned my call), I had a replacement unit in 2 days. Very responsive service.

    Anyway, the sliMP3 player will integrate easily into any Homeseer environment. Beside using a standard IR remote it also has a web server. Mine is running under ActivePerl on my Homeseer W2K machine without problems. If I really trusted you guys I would allow the MP3 player web page to show to Guests but I don't want my whole house stereo playing odd music at all hours.

    The server allows browsing your entire music collection with a IR remote, including playlists. The interface is very KISS. You can do the same things even easier from the html page. I haven't tried to customize the web interface but it can't be too difficult.

    The sliMP3 player isn't the least expensive MP3 solution at $249 but I think it is very competitive with the standalone MP3 servers on the market. I am very statisfied and probably will purchase at least one more unit.

    Rick Marron

    I have been following the SliMP3 for quite some time (since before they were available for sale) and am on the developers' group for the perl server software (mostly as a lurker [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img].

    Interfacing from HomeSeer -> SliMP3 is easy via the web interface if you know the player's IP address and the song you want to play.

    I wrote a quick module that would allow me to instantiate an hs object inside the slimp3 server so that actions on the SliMP3 could use HomeSeer (I just did a little proof of concept using "Speak" - imagine adding a DJ to voice over through whole house audio... )

    If anyone else has a SliMP3 (I still don't own one - need to get the WAF up a bit, I guess), I propose we put our heads together and figure out how to best make use of the potential this has with homeseer!


      You might find this review of interest: Looks very cool



        I've been on the beta team for about a year now and can't say enough good things about the unit.

        One pointer though, if you do choose the AudioTron I highly suggest using the digital output to your preamp or to an external DAC. The analog outs are a bit lacking.



          I was looking through the new Worthington Distribution catalog (hey, Christmas is just around the corner!) and saw a reference to something called the Extreamer, which apparently is a network attached mp3 streaming device, similar to the Audiotron and SliMP3. I couldn't find much on the web about it though, just references to their own product literature (and some pages in German that I can't read). Anyone have any knowledge or experience with the product?