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Security & Digital Monitoring / Surveillance

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    Security & Digital Monitoring / Surveillance

    I'm looking to do some security monitoring of a warehouse. Here's the desired setup:

    4 hardwired (NTSC composite)
    1 wireless

    a) Record all 5 cams at once.
    b) Playback while recording.
    c) Send video from any cam to web page on demand

    I have seen (on the net only) these systems that look like they 'may' do what I want:

    Grandtec Grand X-Guard = 9 port w/ software

    MEC/Lorex/DRMS = 4 port card w/ DRMS software

    Anyone use these or have any other ideas?

    I use the Novex2000 for my cameras at home.

    I have 8 cameras and it works very well. What I like about the Novex system is that it allows for external triggering of recording. This is much better than relying on video motion detection methods. I have HS controlling recording by turning relays on that are connected to the Novex card. I use the Ocelot/Secu16 output relays.

    I am in the process of installing the same system at my wife's office so that she can check on things from home.