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X10 track lighting?

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    X10 track lighting?

    Does anyone know of an X10 controlled fixture for a hamilton track? I've looked into the socket rocket but it's too big. causes the blub to poke too far out of the fixture. What I'm looking to do is provide individual control over each light on the track.

    I'm not familiar with a "hamilton track". Would there be room somewhere for these?


      Not that I'm aware of. Hamilton makes lighting tracks in four foot sections that can be joined together for various lighting needs. The lights themselves are self contained units that "snap" onto the track anywhere along it's lenght. I've got three lights over my serving bar. One illuminates a bamboo plant at one end of the bar, the middle one lights the bar itself and the third a bookcase at the other end. I'd like to be able to leave the bamboo light on more often than the others so the poor plant at least thinks someone cares. Unfortunately the designers of the system decided you would turn the entire track on/off at once, not the individual lights.


        All the track really is is an unsually-shaped extension cord -- at least, thinking of it that way will clarify how this could and couldn't be done.

        If someone made a light fixture that snapped onto the track and that had lamp module capabilities built into it, you'd be all set. Signals would travel down the "extension cord" track and the lights would get them and act on them. Unfortunately that's too niche a market, so a socket rocket is the closest thing.

        I wonder if anyone's ever hacked a way to build the socket rocket into the fixture? That's way beyond my hardware skills, for sure.

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          For my track lighting, I tried this:

          Bought a light fixture for the large flood bulbs, Installed a socket-rocket, but then installed a small flood bulb. The smaller bulb stuck out about half an inch.

          After the socket-rocket blew out, after about a week, and I read about socket-rocket reliability problems, I abandoned the approach. My wife preferred a single dimmer anyway.


            ...I did mine this way:

            The track I used comes in 1m lengths. Each length comes with the termination for the AC feed at one end. This end pulls off and you use a joiner piece instead when you want to link two or more tracks end-to-end for a longer run.

            Now, the technical bit! There are copper tracks running down the length of the track which the lamp units touch onto when in position. The joiner piece carries these connections through so the whole track is one continuous connection. All I did for mine was break this connection in the joiner piece, and feed the track AC from both ends. It's not a perfect solution, but means in practice you have two separately controllable 'circuits' on the track, which I feed with DIN dimmers (LD11) above the ceiling.

            Of course this only works with a maximum of two circuits. You may be able to run your bamboo lamp off one end circuit and the rest of the lighting from the other?

            Hope this helps - it works for me!



              Nice to know someone out there is just about as crazy as I am. I'm going to take another look at electronic solutions before hacking my track. At least now I know of a way that will work. If I can find the right shaped fixture maybe I can hide and inline unit on it...sorta like a decoration... I think I'm really pushing the WAF here.... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]


                Would there be a way to modify a socket rocket (destroy the casing, etc) to make it small enough to fit inside the light itself and wire it directly in? Would probably have to "fix" the socket rocket so it would kill itself when a bulb blew...