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Multiple X-10 switch?

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    Multiple X-10 switch?

    Currently in my living room I have an overhead light controlled by a wall switch. The wall switch box has a direct run from house AC, neutral, etc. The fixture is terminated at the wall switch box. I currently use Leviton HCS-08s and HCS-06s around the house for other fixtures, and I could replace this switch with and HCS-06 no problem. But what I want to do is control 3 other x-10 modules from this same switch location in addition to the fixture hardwired to the switch. Is there a leviton controller that would allow me to replace the current hardwired switch and give me additional control over three other devices? I see a bunch of things from PCS and Leviton that look like multiple device controllers that replace a single wall switch but I am not sure they do what I need.

    I am willing to open up the wall and install another electrical box next to the original one, but only as a last resort. The switch is in a high visability location and is already right below a TR-36 thermostat, and I am trying to avoid making the wall start to look like the console of the starship enterprise...

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    Those multiple-switch items you refer to do not control a lamp, they only transmit (with high reliability since they're not dependent on RF) commands. (At least all the ones I know of are like that, including the one I installed in a similar situation in my kitchen.)

    To do what you want without adding in a second box, about the only way I can see is to put an inside-the-wall (hidden) box and put an inline module into that. However, I don't think there are inline modules that work as lamp modules (with dimming, I mean), only as appliance modules. (I could be wrong.)

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      Worthington has an in-line dimmer module.
      This is exactly how I set up control of lights and a ceiling fan in my bedroom.

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