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Filter question from a X-10-rookie

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    Filter question from a X-10-rookie

    I found the culprit keeping my X10 signals from reaching certain lamp modules in the bedroom. I think I need a filter for the TV. However, I have a couple of questions before buying a plugin filter. What should I look for (5 amp, 10 amp, LEVITON, Filterlinc, HOMEPRO)? Does it matter? Can I plug my surge protector into the filter, and then the TV, and the rest of the A/V equipment into the surge protector?

    Thanks for the advice.

    I've used both Leviton and HomePro filters and both worked fine. For a TV and other stuff you might plug in, a 5 amp model will probably work fine. You will want to plug a surge protector into the filter and your stuff into the surge protector.
    If your not sure how much your equipment draws you should look into getting a Radio Shack Kill-A-Watt energy consumption meter. (on sale for $29.99) I got one earlier this week at the local Radio Shack and it works slick.

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      My Series2 DirecTivo is eating some of my X-10 signals. I ordered a filter from HomeSeer and it should be here next week.

      I'm not sure about plugging the entire power-strip into the module - my power strip has a TV, Tivo, DVD and receiver. That might be a little too much for the module.


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        I posted this same question on the X-10 board at and got the following advice on figuring how much my equipment draws.

        "Look on the back of each piece of equipment. If in watts, divide watts by volts to get amps. i.e., 300 watts/120 volts = 2.5 amps."

        After doing the math, I can go with the 5amp model. (just barely)

        Thanks for the replies Masson & Mason


          I am drawing a little over 500 watts through an X10 5 amp filter that is plugged into an APC UPS (that would eat my X10 signals) right now... i have 3 computers,a quad, power supply for my cameas and an old timelapse VCR hooked up to it... It gets pretty hot... it was a little too hot for comfort, but then (by accident) i repositioned a computer in front of it and now it is just warm... it happens that the fan exhaust from the computer must be cooling the filter... Anyone know if the 10amp filters that smarthome sells are any good? i got burned with the buggy switchlinc switches from them, so i am a little weary of their products, but i can't see shelling out the big $$ for the APC 15amp filter when i really just need something a little bit bigger...


            Dick Masson,

            Thanks for the tip on the Radio Shack Kill-A-Watt energy consumption meter. I picked one up and am in the process of checking various loads for efficiency. The refrigerator, freezer, computers, etc.



              When you gather some information let us know what you find. I think this would be interesting information.