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Problems with CM12U/Homeseer

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    Problems with CM12U/Homeseer

    Hi everyone.

    I used to use Homeseer quite succesfully. Then I got a new PC! The hard disk was transferred to the new PC and everything except my Home Automation now seems to work fine.

    What happens with Homeseer is that it appears in HS as though everything is working fine. It attaches to the controller and apparently sends out commands, however these commands never get to any device, even if they are plugged in next to the controller.

    I have some IR-X10 controllers and a Phillips Pronto, and this side of things works fine, so the X10 signals /are/ getting round my wiring...

    As I see it, the problem could be one of relatively few things:-

    A) A broken computer controller
    B) A software/driver glitch
    C) My PC's new PSU is sending out too much interference which is interfering with the controller.

    I cannot readily get another computer controller to test. I have tried uninstalling and completely re-installing HS and this made no difference, so I think (B) is unlikely, and unless I get another newer PC, I don't see how I can get around (C) if this is the case...

    Could anyone suggest a method by which I might diagnose my problem and possible fixes?

    Many thanks


    It looks like your CM12 is at fault.

    Unplug the CM12 and make sure that it has NO batteries in it and leave it for an hour to discharge and cool down. Then try it.

    Also get your IR controller and plug it in the same position as the CM12. If the Pronto operates your X10 modules, then that proves that you do not have an interference problem from your PC PSU.

    If you want to try other software to see if HS is causing the problem then you can download Activehome from

    One other thing to check is that your comms ports for your CM12 are set up for Homeseer correctly.

    Also if you go to device manager, check to see if you have any yellow explanation marks under the port settings. If you do, delete them and reboot. Windows will then re-install the port drivers correctly.


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