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For any Beta-Brite users out there

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    For any Beta-Brite users out there

    A while back, I slapped together LEDAM, a VB6 program which could manage a Beta-Brite electronic display. Coincidentally, another member is converting that project into a HS plugin, which is a good use for it, because it is now officially dead.

    I've finally got around to redoing the whole thing from scratch, using the .NET Framework. The new program is called BESPIN (Beta-Brite Electronic Sign Protocol Interface Normalizer.) It works about the same as the previous version, managing display messages from any number of different scripts and processes. But it also has some new features:

    - The ability to add messages using a simple COM object in VBScript or JScript instead of having to write a file.

    - File (or COM command) contents are in XML for more clarity, extensibility, and embeddability.

    - BESPIN supports using strings on the sign, which are rapidly updatable without interrupting the display.

    - BESPIN supports using custom graphics on the sign, which can be directly imported from bmp files.

    - BESPIN is modular, allowing anybody to write "plugins" for BESPIN that can add new commands, new functions, anything! And the plugins can be written in any language that has a CLR adapter for .NET - VB, VBScript, Jscript, Java, C#, C++, Perl, Python, COBOL, you name it! If it can be compiled into a DLL, it can be a plugin.

    - I actually wrote documentation this time!

    So if you don't have a Beta-Brite, pick one up on Ebay. And if you're using LEDAM or looking for something to make your Beta-Brite work with you home automation setup and whatever other scripts you might have, check out BESPIN.


    Abraham Liebsch