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Keypadlinc Question on using

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    Keypadlinc Question on using

    I have been looking at transmitters. I like the PCS stuff but I don't like those oval buttons they have. Can't mark then easily.

    So I have been looking at the Keypadlinc units from Smarthome.

    I downloaded and read the manual and they can do a lot! I especially like the toggle mode where a button can control the on and off of a device.

    Here's my question:

    After reading the manual I couldn't see how to send an X10 command to the keypadlinc that would activate or deactivate an LED for a button. Since the toggle mode depends on whether the LED is on or off, this is a must. I want to be able to send X10 from HS that will turn the LEDs on or off.

    Anybody doing this already? Can it be done?

    Looking for any input how others have used these.

    How easy was it to mark the keys with the devices they control?


    The buttons and LED's on the Keypadlincs do a pretty good job of tracking a device status via the powerline. In other words, if a button is assigned to "C4" and HS or any other PLC device turns it off, the button LED will also go off, and the "toggle" knows to turn it on with the next button press.


      Since I am using the Doomotion plugin, HS will be sending off commands for lights. So, a light turned on by the Keypadlinc, will get turned off 30 minutes later by HS. In this case, The transmitter should show the correct state according to your statement.

      I'll be ordering my keypadlincs shortly!



        Here's an example what I do to check the status of multiple devices using one KPL button. The two devices are plain old PR-511 motion sensing floodlights - B5 in the front of the house and E9 on the side. As an event, whenever B5 or E9 come ON, HS sends a "G2 ON" (G2 being one of the buttons on the KPL). Of course when B5 or E9 go OFF, HS sends "G2 OFF" to turn the status light off.
        This works well for me because of how the PR-511's are located. I have a fenced in backyard and the two PR-511's are not in each others' PIR field of view. If the dogs are out in the backyard at night, I expect to see G2 ON. If G2 is ON and the dogs are in the house - there is probably someone near the front of the house (unlikely that somebody scaled the fence to get in the backyard). Simple logic, but effective for me.

        Because the two PR-511's operate independently, my only drawback is that I can't control them independently using one KPL button (e.g. an event where "G2 ON" is the trigger would have to control only one PR-511 or it would have to control both PR-511's simultaneously). Not a big deal for me though - it's nice to be able to check status on stuff with a quick glance to the KPL.

        As far as marking the keys - the little icons that come with the switch are pretty beat. The paper is so thin that the light shines right through it and it is difficult to see the icon from a distance. I scanned the icon pages and printed the ones I use on photo paper. The thickness of the photo paper helps diffuse the light a little better and makes the icon easier to read. Eventually I'd like to create my own icon set that looks nicer and equates better visually to the stuff the buttons are controlling.

        All in all, KPL's are pretty effective at what they do. Money well spent for me.

        Good Luck!