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    Damsel In Distress - Can U Help?

    Dear All.

    *Please* can someone help me with some questions
    about getting my New House automated?

    I have read the messages on this forum and found a lot of answers, but not basic ones, so I am asking you guys if that's ok.

    I have been to many sites selling lots of products, but I need to get the basic facts sorted out, before I commit myself to thousands of $ as I will be automating many things...

    I am getting a house built for myself and my boyfriend, we are both chronically ill/disabled
    so this is *why* we need an automated house.
    I can't go down my local store and 'find out' facts as we don't get out the house, ever, hence I am asking here. Controlling functions over the Internet are irrelevant to us.


    1) Do I buy Homeseer V1.6 to control the house automatically via X-10 Components even though I live in it 24/7 ?? (E.g) Can Homeseer run on my PC in my HOUSE and not over the Internet???
    (Stupid question I know, but I've never seen the answer to that yet). If so, is Homeseer V1.6 the correct software for Home Automation, or is this the Internet version? Can I use it with a Touchscreen/PC and literally click/touch an ICON to turn things on/off? (My goal).

    2) I need to tell the builders where to put the cables in the walls etc as this house is being built soon. Now In this house will be around 30 windows. (All of the blinds/curtains will need shutting automatically as will the doors) as we're too weak to walk around. So we need mains cables for this X-10 thing it seems, or how about NETWORK cable RJ-45? is that better/faster?

    I would please like to know about MINI BLIND CONTROLLERS and DRAPE CONTROLLERS. I know the difference between the two obviously, *but* will I need electricity cables from each little controller on the wall to a mains socket? (e.g at floor level)to POWER them? (Presumably I plug an X-10 device into each mains socket which sends the signal back to the Homeseer PC?) as surely batteries will wear out fast and for disabled people they are hassle.

    So for example,do I tell the builders to fit a mains SOCKET below each window and run a cable behind the plaster up to the little mini blind controller? Presumably mini blind controllers/motorized drapes, can't be wired directly and require an X-10 'device' plugged into the wall as they don't ''SEND' the X-10 command themselves? Again I have no idea.

    I guess this is going to cost big $ if each window requires a controller and X-10 sender Especially as I live in the UK, check the prices of this device below:

    MINI Blind Controllers are £65 each.
    30 x £65 = £1950 which is $3120!!!

    (The proper drape controls are $500 each!!)

    I'd also need 30 X X-10 IR Modules on top
    of that, plus of course, the blinds themselves..
    (Sigh). Anyone know if people sell these things in BULK?!!.. Apparently I can't buy USA versions as the voltage is wrong.. Grrr. If I have to use these then that's that, but I'd need 30 x Mains sockets + Cables of course, so ....

    Would it be cheaper to use the IR function on them instead and ditch the mains idea? E.g Put up with the 'battery' idea and instead of using the remote control to open/shut them, somehow I get an IR sender/receiver which would be mounted on the ceiling I guess, to send the message to the Motorized blinds from Homeseer on the PC? (This would save fitting 30+ new mains sockets/cables).

    If this is possible and you guys recommend this, does Homeseer recognize IR commands, or do I need that special OCELOT device?

    If so, how do I get OCELOT to 'SEE' 30 Windows all over the house??! Nightmare!!!!!


    I need to be able to open the door remotely from anywhere in the house, so naturally I need an automatic door lock that again is controlled by X-10. So can I somehow again get HOMSEER on the PC to control this? If so I can't have the PC with me in bathroom (for example!) so does one again have to install wall switches all over the house, or can I use IR keyfob... (Problem is the keyfob needs to be 'pointed' at something)... My boyfriend says he would like touchscreens around the house to control the DOOR, Curtains etc, but they are very costly for 4 or so.... Can I get my PC to 'send' the screen of Homeseer controls around the house via a WIRELESS LAN? and then use 2 laptops we have (e.g in bed) to open the front door, turn the boiler on downstairs if the heating is off......Problem is our laptops are very heavy... Hmm

    4) Last point....

    CCTV vs PC Webcams.... I need to see who is at the front door, from say 30ft away, as we can't walk to it to open it. (Hence the motorized locks). Now I can get a box that apparently plugs in a CCTV Camera straight into the back of your HOME TV via a lead...(Nothing to do with X-10) Cool, but again, I can't see this in bed, or on the laptop. Can I WIRELESSLY see who is at the front door on a laptop, or does it just go very jerky like Netmeeting?

    I am sorry if I sound rude posting this post and just expecting answers like a lazy person, but I really have tried to understand the technology and it baffles me. Again you guys know massively more than me, so I respect your knowledge and would love to hear and ideas or answers to my questions please.

    If this is too much to take in, the please can someone just tell me about the curtains/blinds as I need to get this sorted quickly.

    Thankyou in advance.


    P.S I have many more questions, but I'm sure this is annoying enough to start with, sorry.

    I saw several yesterday. Now they are gone.



      Sarah posted the same message to 2 other forums. The replies you saw are in those threads.

      Post in New Users forum.
      Post in General Discussion forum.




        Sorry, looks like I was too keen to get a reply.

        Thanks for moving the topics.