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    Internet -> Serial Port software

    Came across this. It's brand new:

    Take note of the pan and tilt camera application.

    So are you thinking you would have a remote computer with serial devices that HS could control via the net? I guess that is ok, but it takes an entire computer, unless I'm not understanding. And, why not just buy another HS liscence to run on that computer instead? Yeah, it's cheaper than HS, but I'm not seeing the potential here.


      Take a look at the BetaBrite / Ledam conversation that I've been having with Jim Doolittle.

      But I think that 75-bones is a bit much for what sounds like is mostly a toolkit. I can do a complete wireless RS232 setup for under $100.


        Like the demo shows, select, pan and tilt your serveilance cameras from work . . .

        Allows HomeSeer to control RC servos on other machines, either on your local net or over the internet . . .

        Run HomeSeer on your den computer, but plug your CM11A in to your basement computer by the breaker box . . .

        and an MR26A in the attic . . .

        Yes, it needs other computers.
        It also appears to be a toolkit, but I have an inquiry into whether it can appear as a COMx: port on the client computer. This should make the concept of the remote CM11A and MR26A more plug&play.


          I had some corrospondance with the developer back in Feb concerning the modules for the mini-ssc servo controller and the ASEL video switcher. My interest was to find out if the "no response" option on the web server used the status 204 no content response, or if the server sent no response at all to the client brouser. At that time the 204 status was not included in the web server. I refered him to my test page to see how the 204 status worked and he said he would look into adding it as one of the server response options. If you go to the link below they still have the stand alone modules for $15. My interest in the product is that it has the MS COMM module built in which can access virtual com ports above 4 in windows. Homeseer has this built in ( I think), which would allow you to most of the same things that the serialhost can do. If you don't mind using the dos comports, then you can pretty much do the same thing (controlling the mini-ssc and the ASEL) for free and a little tinkering. If the 204 status code has been added to the web server, then the $15 isn't a bad price.

          Why I like my 2005 rio yellow Honda S2000 with the top down, and more!


            The answer from tech support is that they do not develop windows COMM drivers. So I can't remote my CM11A. It's not what I was hoping for.

            It is pretty much just a toolkit, unless you use devices that they provide plugins for. Hopefully, the available pluggin list will grow.


              I just came across this and thought it might be of interest:

              GC-100 Home Network Adapter

              Ethernet serial ports, IR outputs, sensor inputs.
              Cheapest one is $150.


                I have been using a program called NPComm it has allowed me to set up a dev enviroment which accesses my Homevision unit which is installed elsewhere.


                  Now that looks promising for my remote BetaBrite package!


                    I developed a small package called RemoteLink for use with my thermostat plugin. Although it is application specific, I am more than willing to share the code if anyone is interested.

                    The protocol is UDP, which allows streaming. In my application, the thermOstat plugin communicates via the home network to a remote computer that has RemoteLink operating on it. RemoteLink sends data to a serial port, then returns data to the plugin from the serial port.

                    If anyone is interested, please send me an Email (address in profile). As I said, you may use the code as you wish, and I can help you understand what it does and how to change it for your application needs, as well as create the interface in your plugin. No charge, free, no obligation!

                    Some day, when I get that thermostat done, I am going to figure out how to write a virtual serial port that will actually be connected to the home network. (assuming it is possible...)