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    Automatic Gates

    I've done a search for 'Gates' and it came up with nothing so appologies if this topic has been covered before.

    Quick question then please:

    1) Do I buy an external X-10 module to automate existing 'automatic' driveway gates, (that sits near/on the gate) or do I have to literally but an X-10 compatible 'system' like is on offer here, and hence having to take the existing non-x-10automation 'off' the gate?

    Smarthome Gate System


    Problem is the UK is 240v so I can't buy this system above you see....

    If anyone knows please can you tell me the name of the product/x-10 module. I intend to have automation via a Touchscreen........

    Any comments appreciated.


    I've never been in the market for a gate, but your reference is to something like a garage door opener, but with a gate actuator rather than a door actuator.

    If you can find a motorized gate in the UK then it is a simple matter of connecting an X10 appliance module or universal module to the open/close control input of the unit. Likely an on command followed in a second with an off command to either start it or stop it. You also need to protect the X10 unit from the environment.

    You need to answer the question for yourself if X10 is sufficiently reliable for this application.


      Can't help you with the automation part, but I am a production manager for a fence company! hehe
      Jerith Manufacturing


        Ok Michael Thanks, I guess it's a bit of D.I.Y on the external appliance module (X-10).

        And 'just one more'....... I'll be ordering 7 of your gates... here's £2000 to cover the postage from USA...

        Thanks all.



          I've been looking at buying one for some time, but haven't done so yet. None of the literature I've seen has mentioned X-10. However, the Mighty Mule control panel can handle a "push button" input so it should respond to anything that can be made to look like a simple switch - a Universal Module, perhaps (in a weatherproof enclosure). The UM can be up to 1,000 feet away from the gate.

          The Mighty Mule is battery-operated and can be set up with a solar cell to recharge the battery, so I suspect it is a simple matter to substitute a UK-sourced charger if you want to use utility power to charge it instead.