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Question on File Sharing for Windows GURU

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    Question on File Sharing for Windows GURU

    From great frustration, I'm asking if anyone knows how to solve this problem which is no doubt cockpit-trouble on my part...

    I have 2 PCs (call them A and B) on LAN managed by a Linksys Router. These PCs use static IPs. Both run XP Pro.

    PC A has a share for a folder.
    PC B is able to map A's folder when I do so manually.
    Later, using PC B, I choose that share point from the drop-down list of prevoiusly used share points in the map drive dialog box window; then PC B goes into a strange state: Nothing involving the use of the (file) Explorer will work. The start menu pops up normally. I have to reboot to clear the problem. Just logging off and back on doesn't fix it.

    Same thing happens if I elect to have B automatically do the drive map at startup.

    I have no Windows server - both A and B are just XP Pro. I wonder if it is related to my setup for WINS or NETBIOS.

    Perhaps unrelated, I had the exact same problem when both PCs ran Win98SE.

    Thanks in advance.

    What security access, are your folders/drives setup for? Have you set them up so that your sign-on ID for "B", is in the folder/drive access list on "A"? Or are you trying to do it with guest access?

    I have specific shares set up on all my pc's, and it works flawlessly (even across different XP and w/2000 operating systems).

    Under network protocol, have both TCPIP and NetBeui protocols.

    (Config specs in profile)


      regarding: What security access, are your folders/drives setup for? Have you set them up so that your sign-on ID for "B", is in the folder/drive access list on "A"? Or are you trying to do it with guest access?

      I must admit I don't know how to set security access permissions for the shared folder. I did a right-click on a shared folder, while using the computer which is doing the share, and I saw no option to restrict access by username.

      Again, the share works if requested manually (click on the BROWSE button in the map drive dialog), from the using PC. But if that PC tries to establish the drive map without using the BROWSE button, I get the system lockup I described.

      I suspect this is related to WORK GROUPS, a Windows NT notion. I have no servers. I have both PCs in a work group of the same name. I wonder if I have this concept wrong - I have no workgroup server.


        Check your e-mail

        (Config specs in profile)


          <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I suspect this is related to WORK GROUPS, a Windows NT notion. I have no servers. I have both PCs in a work group of the same name. I wonder if I have this concept wrong - I have no workgroup server.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

          Steve: I think you have the WORKGROUPS right. I've always used WORKGROUPS when I've had no servers in the network, and used DOMAINS when I've had an NT server in the network.

          But I've never had much luck sharing folders in WORKGROUPS unless I had the same username and password defined in all machines (though I haven't tried since win95). Though I would expect an access error message instead of a hang if that was the problem.

          You may be on the right track with your NETBIOS suspicions. NETBEUI is necessary for resolving the computer's name, and I've seen it timeout a request HOURS after looking for a machine. In your network setup, make sure the NETBEUI protocol is installed in both machines. - mark


            Stevech, I suspect you have a problem with the basic network config on one or both machines which is confusing the NetBIOS browse master relationship. The browse master on a NetBIOS network maintains info about the machines and shares available on the network. If all machines are the same OS type and verson, all machines are equal and the machines will enter into negotitation to detemrine who will be the "master" for the LAN.

            You mentioned WINS - how/why are you configured for WINS if you have no WINS server? WINS is Microsoft's version of DNS for NetBIOS, but is not necessary in a two-machine network. You shouldn't need a WINS server - leave the WINS server info blank on both machines.

            You can use NetBEUI and/or TCP/IP - I recommend you do NOT use both as you will then have possible routing issues and could complicate matters unless you know how to comfigure them properly. Remove NetBEUI from your network stack if it is present - use TCP/IP only and make sure the network stack shows NetBIOS over TCP/IP is selected. Reboot after making this (or any network config) change.

            Both WORKGROUP entries should be the same. Computer names must be different. Users logging onto one machine will not be known by the other, but you can open shares for read/write access by Everyone, which should allow you to access them from the other machine no matter who logs in. Alternatively, you can add SHARE level permissions to shares for users on the other machines using the convention \\machinename\username .

            With no NT Domain, Active Directory, or WINS systems, the two machines should negotiate to determine which machine will be the local browse master. This can take some time depending on the size of the network, number of machines, etc. If your firewall/router is configured properly, it should NOT let this traffic out to the Internet, either.

            You don't by chance have a Linux machine in the network, possibly running Samba? If configured improperly, this will cause problems as the default Samba config tries to become the browse master for the NetBIOS network and accounts will not be recognized on any machine unless they also exist in Samba on the Linux box...

            XP has a ton of security settings that can cause grief. If you need further help, drop me an email and include some screen shots. I'm sure we can get it working properly for you.

            - huggy
            | - Gordon

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              (edited after posting...)

              My two XP PCs are in the same workgroup. No MIcrosoft/WINS server is present.

              In the properties for my LAN cards on both PCs, the TCP/IP | Advanced |WINS tab, there is a choice for using NETBIOS. I run these PCs with static IPs. The blankety-blank default from Microsoft is for the NETBIOS to use the DHCP Server assignment for NetBIOS setup (something or other).

              I changed it to Enable NetBIOS over TCP.

              Don't think this fixed things.
              May have changed things a bit.

              [This message was edited by Stevech on Thursday, 02 January 2003 at 01:39 AM.]


                Win2K w/SP3 is set the same way. I just changed it and sped up my internet and intranet access through FreeSCO from my HS box. I also disabled LMHOSTS Lookup. I'm using static IP and FreeSCO is my DNS server........JG

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                Check this out TCPView It may help you diagnose your issue
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                  three things and I can get you up..

                  1..make sure each machine can resolve each others name. to test, goto a dos prompt, start run, type cmd and press enter. in the box type ping "othermachine". if you get no response then you will need to add either a wins server, or lmhosts entries. try this from both machines. not to get too technical but it should work by broadcast but may not depending on your netbios node type. if either one cannot reach the other add an lmhost entry. otherwise skip this step and goto 2

                  to add lmhosts entries goto C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts edit that file in the following format
                  machine name #PRE
                  other machine name #PR#

                  2..make sure each machine has network file and printing enabled. start, control panel, network connectings, right click and select properties. if not checked or not in the list you will need to add it.

                  3..make sure each machine has an identical local username and the passwords are identical on each machine. What happens is when you are logged in machine a and try and connect to machine b, it trys to pass the username and password of your current logged in session on machine a.

                  this is why you should have a local username on the other machine that matches the user logged in and its password. to do this, right click on my computer and goto manage, then goto local users and groups and make sure you have the same username and password setup on each machine.

                  hope this fixes your issues. the slowdown is most likely attributed to step 3s validation


                    my file sharing problems were cured some time ago by doing the following, which is some sort of bug which happens if you are running HS's web server

                    at command prompt run services.msc
                    go to Web Client Service.
                    Stop this service
                    choose DISABLE