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Using Garage door remote to arm/disarm alarm

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    Using Garage door remote to arm/disarm alarm

    I am currently using my keychain remote to arm/disarm my napco 9600. It is working fine, but I have to carry the relatively massive kefob around with me on my keychain. What I would really like to do is use the third button on my garage door opener remote to arm/disarm the system.

    I have plenty of extra zones on the 9600, so it would only be a matter of having something close or open a relay, then homeseer can trigger the arming, or the panel can do it directly.

    Has anyone used the plug in light receiver for craftsman door openers, or the universal remote control conversion kit?

    The light receiver activates an outlet, which I can then use to close a relay. I have heard about a problem whre this unit will not work with a very small load, and may need a lamp plugged in in addition to the relay closure circuit to work. Has anyone tried this?

    I don't know what the universal conversion kit does, is it a relay or something? Is anyone using one of these?

    Anyone have any ideas?


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