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220volt modification chime module: missing/different resistor....

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    220volt modification chime module: missing/different resistor....

    I bought a 246a chime module of x-10 and am following the ido-bartana. Step 5 says "change 10 Ohm 0.5 watt resistor for a 22 Ohm of 1 watt".
    Problem is that in my new Chime there is no 10 Ohm resistor.
    for the rest all goes fine but as I don't know what could be the consequence for the Chime I am reluctant to proceed.
    Can anybody help with this?

    I assume you mean the SC546A.
    If you check the instructions step 5 says change the 22ohm for a 47ohm 1 Watt for this chime.

    The 10ohm should be fitted to the SC546 chime

    Have a look at the schematics that are also on the ido-bartana page. They explain all.


      Thanks Microchip, this helped me to understand that I took the wrong table, so now I installed the right resistor and the whole thing is now working! :-))) This makes me very happy as I bought based upon Ido's pictures for 800 $ stuff during the 3-for-1 days.

      I am meanwhile starting to open up several other devices for modification to 220v, and see that I bought 0.33 uF which are too big, especially in the Lamp Module there is basically no space....

      Other Question: how did you handle the Pins? I am changing them for Pins from a normal Plug and glue them into the plastic house and connect them through a wire. I see that Ido uses pins from a special plug. Too me this is the most labour intensive and difficult part of the modification (apart from reading the right table...). Do you have any further suggestions or outcome of experiments on this?

      Reading the Forums I am more and more interested in getting the Micro Module converted but saw no description with Ido, nor with Attersjo or Hans Otten or RedOak. Are there other sites with modifications?

      Already many thanks!