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    Beware the builders "Packages" and make sure you know what you are gitting if you go with the package. I didn't! I have replaced evry bit of RG59 to RG6 and almost all my CAT5 cables (the ones with the staples through them). I'm sure some builders do just fine but if I had to do it over I would have made sure my builder would allow me to run all the cables myself.


      I would not use a builder who tells me I can't run my own wires if I want to. What "warranty" could possibly be affected? I did 100% of my own "non electrical" wiring - telephone, networking, video cameras, audio, etc. I waited until the electrician had done the rough in of the electrical wires and then I ran mine with the proper separation from his. My thinking is it's MY house so why would MY builder (not that I own him but I am paying him) tell me what I can and can't do?


        Unfortunately, this is the case with TONS of builders nowadays. If you're going with a subdivision with a few "mainstream" builders, odds are you won't be allowed to do your own wiring.

        My brother got them to say they'd leave anything in place that just "showed up" one weekend, but both my builder and my folks' said "no".

        I worked with the wiring company my builder hired extensively, and got my system installed just the way I asked.. it took a lot of time to explain it and draw it out for them, then frequent trips to check on the progress, but it was done right by the time it was all over.


          I guess if you're building in a pretty tightly controlled subdivision, and using a builder who basically "mass produces" many houses a year, I can understand that. I suppose his (or her) thinking is that if you don't hire him, there are 10 other people waiting to do so. And in some subdivisions I know there are only certain builders who are "allowed" to build there. (Maybe not legally, but any "outsider" would have trouble getting subs to work for them).

          In my case, I was not in the city limits so I had very little government "meddling" in what I did and I hired a custom builder who only builds one or two houses a year (he was basically dedicated to mine for 14 months) so I was free to do anything I wanted to do. The main reason I didn't do my own electrical wiring is because I knew I would take too long doing it all myself. Just the non-electrical wiring took me several days. And, although I know I would have done a very good and safe (better than most electricians) wiring job, I didn't want to risk having any issues with the insurance company if it wasn't done by a licensed electrician (even though I know a couple who would have been glad to check my work and sign off on it).