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Ubiquity mFi plugin?

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  • Ubiquity mFi plugin?

    I dunno where else to post this - I've been watching the mFi product line from Ubuiquity networks:

    They have some cool stuff, but so far no moves to allow for integration with systems like HomeSeer. Has this been discussed and I just can't find the thread(s)? Is anyone working on a plugin to let mFi gear interface with HomeSeer directly?

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    I would like to renew this thread. These Ubiquiti mFi components have an open API to be communicated with and would be great to see someone write a plugin. I would, but I am not a programmer.


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      Thinking about pulling the trigger on some of this hardware and just wanted to see if anyone has used it, or any integrations currently exist before I do.


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        I think there are two plugins for this. I'm using one from KingFetty for my mFi 8 port power strip.

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