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X10 - Devices Looking for a good Home

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    X10 - Devices Looking for a good Home

    [ Items have been sold ]

    I have a bunch of old X10 devices that I'm looking to send to someone who can use them. The best I can remember they were all working when remove from service with the exception of the 61-2676B because of missing Antenna.

    $20.00 to cover the cost of shipping and they are yours.

    Device List

    Magnavox Lamp Module LMT-101 Qty: 10

    RCA Data Interface HC60CRX

    Honeywell Appliance Module HSA-111

    Radio Shack Appliance Module 61-2681A
    Radio Shack Wireless Remote Control Transceiver 61-2676B Missing Antenna
    Radio Shack Remote Module 61-2676B-TM751

    X10 Powerhouse Lamp Module LM465
    X10 Powerhouse Appliance Module AM466
    X10 Powerhouse Transceiver Module TM751
    X10 Powerhouse Transceiver Module RR501
    X10 Powerhouse Wireless Door/Window Sensor DS10A
    X10 Powerhouse Remote HR12A Qty:3
    X10 Powerhouse KeyChain Remote KC674
    X10 FireCracker CM17A
    X10 Powerhouse UR19A Remote

    If these are still available, I'll take them. Paypal payment OK?
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      Yes, X10 devices are still available.

      PM sent