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What computer is the best to run HS software?

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    What computer is the best to run HS software?

    I have looked at the Troller and Im on the fence about what to get Troller or Software. What PC or Mini PC or other device would be best for the software?

    You're likely to get a wide range of answers, but the short answer is Windows or Linux and your comfort level. Personally, I would recommend any of the Trollers since they are built to run with very little administration (if any).
    HS4Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi4
    68 Z-Wave Nodes, 175 Events, 359 Devices
    UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
    Plugins: Z-Wave, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
    HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler


      One that works and is stable that you are personally familiar with. Homeseer has a very small footprint and low resource requirements


        I went with an I5 laptop. It doesnt take too much power to run and wasnt too expensive.

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          What computer is the best to run HS software?

          The nice part about a troller is that someone else spent the time to configure the system. The hope is that It should work more like an appliance and you get to start home automating more than system administering.

          I built my own HS3 server out of HS3 standard for Linux hosted on an RPI 3 running Raspbian Linux. I did this because I am not limited to 5 plugins and I can switch the system out to a bigger system if I ever have the need. I am comfortable with Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OSX platforms.

          HS3 is very lite it does not take much. You could spend $200-$300 for a mini desktop system or $100 or less for a mini PC (RPI 3, Tinkerboard, pine64). It will run it very well.

          Windows is more bloated than Linux. Subsequently, windows has higher system requirements (more RAM and disk space).

          If you build your own system Get Anti-malware installed, regular patch management processes working, and a strong backup process in place.

          Fewer people are comfortable with Linux and there is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of you will find that it is very stable and flexible.

          If you get stuck ask the forum. I was able to get over a lot of my hurdles by asking my IRL friends and the forums.

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