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Can I run Pi-Hole on my Z-Net?

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    Can I run Pi-Hole on my Z-Net?

    I'm not sure what to say that isn't covered in the title of the thread. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the matter?
    Originally posted by rprade
    There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause

    I do have a Z-Net and a Pi-Hole. The Z-Net is still running bone stock as a Raspberry Pi Model B+. My Pi-Hole is a Pi3.

    Personally, I wouldnt risk slowing down my lighting control for DNS, or vice-versa. The Pis are so cheap power efficient, you might be better off having them separated.
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      Can I run Pi-Hole on my Z-Net?

      I would say that it depends on how loaded your z-net is. I would run HTOP to get a better idea of system resource utilization.

      Here I run PFSense as my home firewall. I have a local DNS server hosted on PFSense. Also, I have been running PFBlockerNG for some time on the recommendation of @Pete.

      In PFBlockerNG you can block by world region, which I did for a while. I kept finding destinations and sources that would get blocked and have to be white listed. What's more there are enough domestic sources of malicious attack that I would end up missing. I opted to take a different approach. PFBlocker supports custom IPv4 IPv6 and DNSBL lists.

      Custom IPv4/IPv6 lists allow me to policy out IP communication to and from my firewall. I added a handful of black lists I trust there and opted to block communication to and from them.

      DNSBL allows you to filter DNS requests with a black list. I added the feeds that Pi-holes uses here as well as a few other reputable ones I have used in the past.

      So this gives me the same feature set using as Pi-hole in my existing PFSense firewall.

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        Here is an example way to show utilization of different stuff on your ZNet.

        Here using an RPi2 running a few things including ZWave.

        It is running ser2net, OWFS, Digitemp and Domoticz. Initially I wanted to look at the chit chat on the network.

        I type sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN


        Then install htop

        sudo apt-get install htop

        Watch it and use the filter to separate out application use:

        Here is ser2net viewing with htop


        Here is owfs utilization:


        Here is Domoticz utilization: (Domoticz is a LUA based automation program).

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