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Windows 1809 surprise

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  • Windows 1809 surprise

    My Homeseer computer has been bugging me to install the latest feature update (1809). I haven't been anxious to do it because of the reported buggy initial rollout, but even with Win10 Pro, I could only delay it so long. So, I had some time to babysit and decided to cross my fingers and see what happened. To my surprise the update went pretty smoothly, and HS restarted automatically - apparently without issue. Until. . .

    I noticed that some behaviors were a bit unusual, and the log was quickly filling with errors. It took some exploring, but before long I decided to check on the serial port settings for one plug-in that was clearly not working. To my shock, nearly every serial port assignment had changed! (That included two Edgeport converters and my PCS USB-PIMU.)
    Not only that, several ports were assigned the two serial interfaces!!???
    Of course, I did not have an up-to-date record of the port assignments and settings, but was able to recreate the proper assignments with a bit of effort.
    After that, a computer reboot got me back in business.

    The surprise was the what made it difficult. Had I been expecting it, repairing the damage and getting underway again would have been only a minor maintenance task instead of a crisis.

    Am posting this in the hopes that it will help someone else be prepared.

    Mike____________________________________________________________ __________________
    HS3 Pro Edition

    HW: Stargate | NX8e | CAV6.6 | Squeezebox | PCS | WGL 800RF, Rain8Net+ | RFXCOM | QSE100D | Vantage Pro | Green-Eye | X10: XTB-232, -IIR | Edgeport/8 | Way2Call | Ecobee3

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    Yep, had that twice now with Edgeport serial ports. I take a snapshot of the ports in device manager and just change them back to what they should be. The other annoyance is that my 32bit TTS voices get deleted and I have to reload them again.


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      I also had the edgeport ports reassigned, didn't realize the timing was the Windows Update, but in thinking about the timing, it probably was.


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        Just for balance, I'm running 1809 with cumulative update on two HS3 systems and both had no problems after update. On one of the systems, I have a serial port associated with an Insteon PLM but no problems were experienced.