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Power failed.

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    Power failed.

    Just had a power failure here. It was just long and short enough for me to do some diagnostics for such events. In the past, outages have either been too short to verify what happens in these cases, or too long while I'm not here or sleeping, to do anything about diagnosing possible issues. I already have spent a lot of time with events for APCUPSD which do shut down HS and the machine it's running on in an orderly fashion so at least that's not a worry any longer. Think I'll look at a batch file to restart HS if the power resumes before the UPS dies next.
    I'd recently installed three power bars to separate power needs; one on Battery Backup for the computers, monitor, necessary accessories and a small lamp; another on Surge protection through the UPS for printers, scanners and other things I want to protect but don't necessarily rely on during power outages; and a third for things that don't need protection or backup. Looks like I need to re-arrange a few things. So many cords under my desk.

    1. I lost communication to the UPS. I think maybe the USB hub it's connected to HS through may be plugged into the wrong powerbar.
    2. Seem to have lost the ethernet switch HS is connected to as well. Same thing I think The router and cable modem are plugged into another UPS separately in another room. Those stayed up.
    3. Lost an eighteen hour 3D print in progress which was nearly completed after running all night. I'm hoping between Octoprint and Jon00's package for same, and adding a UPS to the printer & OctoPi I may be able to suspend and resume prints in future.

    Looks as if my day is planned.
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