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Good ubuntu based mini PC?

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    Good ubuntu based mini PC?

    I am looking for a new HS computer.

    I purchased the Zee ~1 month ago and am finding the 5 plugin limit something I can’t live with.

    So to move forward I need to upgrade to HS3/4 and get a new PC. I refuse to run windows and that is not negotiable.
    I am looking for something real small that runs ubuntu and can run HS without the 5 plugin limit.
    I will also be looking to convert my current zee unit to be my remote network zwave interface as I have seen that posted elsewhere.

    Is this a good unit:

    It is currently less than $99.

    It needs to run headless, I am more looking for an appliance like the Zee than a PC.

    I am looking for suggestions, hints, tips..

    I really wish I didn't have to do this as I just don’t have the time or patience to build something from scratch.



    Just scratching about a bit and found a couple that might have a little more oomph if that is a concern. It would be for me, but that's just me. These are refurbished units, i3 and i5 processors with respectable specs for the price and form factor. They also come with WINDOWS but you know how to remedy that

    One is at Newegg: for $159

    The other is at Amazon for $223

    HP Specs:

    Note the spec differences in the 2. One has a faster processor with a SATA drive and less RAM. The other a slower processor with SSD and more RAM - Haven't checked what gen those processors are and I barely read the specs.

    They cost more, but if they run more reliably and fit into your budget it may be worth considering. I'd buy either one I think. I'm running HS3 on a headless Ubuntu Server install on an old computer that most folks would throw away and it runs great. An old Dell desktop with a Core 2 Duo and 4GB of RAM (that's the board max). Hell, I have another one just like it running Windows 10 Pro serving up Plex and it never stutters transcoding video. It has built-in graphics just like the HS3 box. I'd hate to think either one of those machines couldn't do what my old desktops do (and more).


      Do a general search on the forum for hardware recommendations. There are numerous post about this. If nothing else, will give you many ideas for different options that are available.
      Pete and several others have several post addressing just what you are looking for as well. Running Ubuntu/Windows/combination of the 2. Or in VM configuration. As well as switching from one to the other.

      Not a direct answer to your question. Maybe some info you might find useful.