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Dual PS2 Keyboard Mouse question

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  • Dual PS2 Keyboard Mouse question

    I have an issue with the Asus E35M1-M Pro dual function PS2 Keyboard. This is the motherboard that I am using for the new NAS box.

    For whatever reasons I cannot get the PS2 mouse to work; but the keyboard works fine.

    I never really used it and decided to purchase a dual PS2 connector; tried it and it doesn't work from a cold boot.

    On the other hand the BCM boards that I am using all have the same type of dual PS2 connections and they work fine.

    Is there some sort of trick to get this to work? I have the most current BIOS for the motherboard in place and now it works fine with my M1015 6 port SATAIII card. (Except the PS went out yesterday).
    - Pete

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