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itunes and remote share library organizing.

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    itunes and remote share library organizing.

    ok so im a pc and android guy... rest of the family uses iCrap products. I cant stand the itunes requirement... anywy with that aside I need some help.

    Simple layout as I am using windows server 2012 r2 essentials.
    I mapped a drive M
    Added M:\music to itunes library preferences
    Imported in and all is going fine but one thing.
    In M:\music I had
    \ipod -entire family used this
    \metal - my stuff

    now I had itunes setup before to ipod folder and it worked. My oldest is 14 ad he wants some of my music. I setup his profile itunes for M:\music and while importing into itunes it said itunes cannot play and converted files. Now I have the converted files in with the 2 other folders making a mess....

    how does one clean this up? If I move all the files back to ipod folder then reimport? I will have duplicates but different extensions. I had wma files it converted or copied to m4a files....

    this is one of the many reasons I cant stand Crapple....
    HW - i5 4570T @2.9ghz runs @11w | 8gb ram | 128gb ssd OS - Win10 x64

    HS - HS3 Pro Edition

    Plugins - BLRF | Concord 4 | HSBuddy 3.9.605.5 | HSTouch Server | RFXCOM | X10 | Z-Wave

    Hardware - EdgePort/4 DB9 Serial | RFXCOM 433MHz USB Transceiver | Superbus 2000 for Concord 4 | TI103 X-10 Interface | WGL Designs W800 RF | Z-Net Z-Wave Interface