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  • Pete
    To be replaced by what?

    A terminal to the internet.

    Email will always be around.

    It is how you get to it and where it is stored that is changing.

    In the middle 2000's got involved a bit in moving email for a large global enterprise company (> 130 k employees) from in house to the internet using Microsoft stuff.

    I played (and had fun) smart phone tethering myself to the mothership (work) from wherever.

    I mostly though got involved in the creation (design, planning and implementation) of the new email infrastructure, management of new stuff and licensing stuff - it was dirt cheap - literally.

    Worked great. Well then I shut off the tethering and never did turn it back on.

    The object too was to be able to ping any employee anywhere in the world 24/7 365 days a year.

    ROI on said endeavor was major. (it was a cost cutting effort at the time).

    Google today has been giving away it's email services and many corporate entities public and private are using it. Microsoft is doing similar.

    I got an email recently from Verizon mentioning something about logging in to the webclient to get email or the email service would get shut down.

    I do not really care today about email services that are offered up by my Comcast or Verizon ISP as most of it is spam these days so I do not really use it much.

    Little player here is AOL...

    May 22, 2015
    The Verizon-AOL Deal: What It Might Mean for Email Marketers
    By Chad White
    Although Verizon’s $4.4 billion purchase of AOL was all about adding more content, video, and ad generation to the mobile communication company’s distribution platform, the acquisition could transform Verizon into a major email inbox provider, likely to the benefit of email marketers.
    Webmail Client
    Currently, AOL Mail is the 5th most popular webmail client and the 10th most popular email client overall. As of April 15, 2.25% of all webmail email opens and 0.67% of all email opens took place in AOL Mail, according to an analysis of more than 1 billion email opens using Litmus’ Email Analytics.

    Have a look at these numbers...

    December 15, 2015
    Top 10 Most Popular Email Clients of 2015
    By Justine Jordan

    As another year wraps up, email is still reminding us that nothing in this industry is boring, despite what some naysayers would like to have us think!

    We tracked nearly 1 billion emails every month throughout 2015, measuring where and how your messages are opened around the world. While some things remained the same—the top three email clients in January were still the top three in November—there was some drama along the way.

    Mobile, webmail, and desktop trends

    In the second half of 2015, opens made on mobile devices surged, going from 49% in June to 54% in November—a 10% increase. This matches trends we’ve seen in prior years where consumers are more likely to rely on portable devices going into the holiday season.

    Webmail and desktop opens have also steadily declined throughout 2015, each dropping 13% since January.

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  • donstephens
    To be replaced by what? I think email will be around for a bit.


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  • Pete
    The desktop as you already know is going away.

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  • donstephens

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  • Pete
    Windows 10 for the PC, tablet and telephone is mostly a cloud connected OS today and relates more to facebook, twitter, office 365, et al.

    Relating to Office here exported my office Outlook address book to the internet and I can get it fine my cell phone, tablets or PCs.

    Maybe this will help?

    How to Configure a POP3 Email Account in Windows 10

    Set up your account in Mail for Windows 10

    Personally relating to Homeseer 1.x and 2.x never did utilize incoming emails for automation. That was me though.

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  • donstephens
    started a topic Window 10 and Contacts

    Window 10 and Contacts

    Boy, am I pulling my hair out. I'm trying to move from an XP computer to a Windows 10 box, and can not figure out what they did to the simple mail server.

    How does one import the WAP address file to people or whatever they are calling it to Mail on Windows 10?

    Couldn't have made it more of a pain in the a#s.