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    I am thinking about setting up a VPN at home so I am looking for some recommendations from users at to what they use, and do you like it. I have Comcast internet and I don't see anything in my router settings to set one up there. Also, I have tried setting up the VPN on my Windows 10 Pro computer, but I can't get my iPhone to access it, so maybe I did something wrong. If anyone has any suggestions on getting that to work, that would be great too.

    Thank you as always.

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    What are you trying to accomplish with the VPN? If it is remote access I think OpenVPN is the best choice. We would need more info to help.


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      For remote access - I use my router!


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        For right now I am mainly looking at having the wife be able to access all of our pictures on our home computer. I used to have a WD MyBookLive with has an app to access the pictures, but it died and since this the second one that died, I don't want to buy another one.

        I guess if I can get it to work I might find other uses for it.


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          If that is all you want then a media server is your best bet. I use Plex but there are a lot of good ones. Kodi. Myth. Plex handles the SSL encryption for you, even providing a cert. I cant speak for the others.