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Amazon Fire 8" with New charging dock on sales

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    I tried every combination that I could think of, and in each case the screen was either upside down or horribly distorted. HS Touch is not honoring the Android orientation flags like it should.

    Which is why I settled on the Easel. If you plan on mounting on the wall, then mounting it "upside down" is not a problem.


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      Does anyone have this mounted on the wall? I have couple of HD8 tablets and got one dock to test it out. Works quite well and would like to have 3 tablets mounted on the walls + couple on countertops/tables. I'm not sure what will be the easiest and cleanest way to mount the dock on the wall. It has a magnet so I believe it's doable to be mounted like this. However it's quite heavy and not sure that double sided tape will do the trick, may be some type of permanent fixing?