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Dual or quad video card w/touch screens

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    Dual or quad video card w/touch screens

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have a dual or quad monitor video card and to have touch screens connected to each of these outputs? I was thinking if this were possible then I could use some VGA extenders and place touch screens around the house controlled by the same computer. Maybe even run an extra cable for a microphone and have voice control as well.

    2 things to consider...

    1) Don't forget you will most likely need to run a USB or serial cable to the monitor location for the touch ability (this doesn't run over VGA).

    2) While running multiple monitors and touchscreens from one PC is doable in theory (I don't know how the multi USB/serial connections would work out)... one minor hassle is the fact that no 2 screens could be used at the exact same time. There is only one mouse pointer per PC. But I doubt this would regularly pop-up as an issue.



      vga splitter

      unless you want different touchscreens running you might be able to split the VGA with a splitter instead of multiple cards. Not sure about the multiple controls, was under the assumption you can only have one under windows at the same time


        If you virtualize your clients, and use USB display adapters, you can do some pretty interesting things. I'm doing this with the MiMo monitors.

        If you run them all on the same client, it gets a little annoying that both your window focus, and mouse cursor is stolen if one of the screens is being used as a regular PC instead of just touchscreens. It's also a bit annoying when you RDP to that machine and it shuts down all of the touchscreens.

        With the clients running on VMWare Server (Free) I can even lock the host computer and the guests keep on running. It's a pretty good setup for me, but keep in mind USB distance limitations.

        One other thing I'd like to point out is that some touchscreen driver software gets finicky with multiple monitors (others work just fine)
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