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Sony HID-C10

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    Sony HID-C10

    Any thoughts on this Sony HID-C10 device It's not battery powered from what I can tell and I can't see VESA holes which I'd want to use for wall mounting.


    It runs the Chumby OS which is Linux based so you'd have to figure out how to get MONO loaded on it and then the HSTouch Linux client. For a 7" device, no battery is a deal breaker for me.

    Also, for a device that small(1.2lbs) VESA mounting holes are no required as just about any good double-sided tack tape would hold it to a mounting bracket. The bracket might end up being heavier than the Dash.



      sony dash

      Just ordered 3 units for our showroom but I wonder, is there any way to just browse the net with it ?

      It says it can stream web content but I wish there was an app for simple browsing so our design department could build a small interface for it.

      I'll look deeper into the app listing...
      Very sharp unit for the retail price !!


        It has sleek design with bright touch screen. It has also excellent alarm clock features. It uses over 1,000 free applications and is a compact audio multi-tool.


          Rich got one to test a couple months ago. I played with it a little... as I recall, it was very slow. Anyway, I think he sent it back for a refund.
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