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Sony HID-C10

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  • Sony HID-C10

    Any thoughts on this Sony HID-C10 device It's not battery powered from what I can tell and I can't see VESA holes which I'd want to use for wall mounting.


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    It runs the Chumby OS which is Linux based so you'd have to figure out how to get MONO loaded on it and then the HSTouch Linux client. For a 7" device, no battery is a deal breaker for me.

    Also, for a device that small(1.2lbs) VESA mounting holes are no required as just about any good double-sided tack tape would hold it to a mounting bracket. The bracket might end up being heavier than the Dash.



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      sony dash

      Just ordered 3 units for our showroom but I wonder, is there any way to just browse the net with it ?

      It says it can stream web content but I wish there was an app for simple browsing so our design department could build a small interface for it.

      I'll look deeper into the app listing...
      Very sharp unit for the retail price !!


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        It has sleek design with bright touch screen. It has also excellent alarm clock features. It uses over 1,000 free applications and is a compact audio multi-tool.


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          Rich got one to test a couple months ago. I played with it a little... as I recall, it was very slow. Anyway, I think he sent it back for a refund.
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