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Good deal on a BIG touchscreen.

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    Looks like the stand is held on with four screws located behind the "Dell" logo plate on the back. I'm not sure what the screw on the bottom is for but nothing fell out when I removed it.

    Rather than doing any CAD work yet we played around with a mock-up of the face plate which we made out of poster board. We painted the poster board frame to match the wall and then put some black construction paper over the cutout to simulate the actual screen. This mock-up really served its purpose since my wife got a chance to see what it would look like in the wall and decided that she wanted it in another place in the kitchen. Glad I didn't cut any holes in the wall yet. Luckily the wall she wants it on now is also framed with 2x6 studs and backs up to the new pantry.

    I'll post a couple of pics when I get them downloaded out of the camera.

    As far as using industrial double-sided tape... I'd be careful with that as I don't think the shear rating on that tape is nearly as high as the pull strength rating. Either way I don't think a 12lb monitor should be a problem. Another thing to think about is the fact that the back of the monitor case is not flat so you're going to have a tough time getting enough surface area for a VESA plate to stick without bending it to form to the curve of the monitor case.