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HP Touchpad Android touchscreen w/ inductive charging in-wall dock

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  • HP Touchpad Android touchscreen w/ inductive charging in-wall dock

    If anyone is interested, I wanted to post a link to my solution for an in-wall touchscreen. I had been looking for an affordable solution that gave me everything I wanted and since iPod touches never worked out, I found success after the HP Touchpad Fire Sale and have been living with it installed for about a year now. It has been great, it stays charged and while it gets warm when charging it hasn't smoked or started a fire yet (I was concerned about having metal in between the inductive charging field). I don't think it gets any warmer than a Touchpad gets on the Touchstone charger. Anyway it satisfies all of my wish list and still looks great:

    7"-10" tablet, larger than iPod display
    Preserve use as a tablet
    No visible wires
    Easily removable, dockable
    Capable of running all HA Apps and Denon App
    Capable of Remote Desktop Apps
    Looks good when mounted/unmounted
    etc, etc.

    Here is a link to my Imgur pictorial tutorial:

    I hope you enjoy and find it useful.
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