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  • Yoga Tablet 2 8

    Thought maybe worth posting that these things work great with HS Touch for Android. I've got four so far and will probably pick up a couple more while they're still ~$150.

    The YT3 has a lower screen resolution and no improvement on CPU or memory that I can see.

    They stand up on their own nicely, work at multiple angles, can even be hung from a nail on a wall if that's your thing. Power off a pretty low-power USB just fine. Screen is pretty dark at night; so can be used on a night-stand reasonably well (not perfectly dark, of course).

    Running HS Touch 3 with them on 24/7. Very responsive and attractive controllers. Hard to believe they're $150.

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    I saw these at best buy a while back and thought they would also be good under a cabinet... if HSTouch would rotate properly to the other landscape direction.

    I might still grab one for next to the bed, my current screen i think is too bright even when all black and screen dimmed way low.


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      Rotates perfectly here.


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        You can do all 4 axis? All my android tablets only allow 2 axis. I didn't think they updated the android client to fix that.


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          I'm only using landscape - both versions. I can't see why portrait wouldn't work, unless you mean in one HST load?

          I'm not sure how I'd go about building an HS Touch interface that would do rotation? I don't think I'd want to, but I'd try it for you if you think it should work... or just send me yours.


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            So you're saying that if you turn the device upside down the HSTouch project isn't upside down also? I have never seen that.
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              Yea that is what I am curious about. This tablet I think would be good mounted under a cabinet but concerned that the project would be upside down. Currently this frustrates me with my other tablets because the wire is in the wrong spot


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                Just flips right upside down as I'd expect it to. Sloppy and crappy as the UI may be... here it is sitting in front my my junk-tray and hanging off the top of my monitor. Nothing to change. Just flip it over.

                Audio on it is quite good, BTW: speaks perfectly from all the tablets just as expected and plenty loud enough to hear.

                I keep them in the "screen stays on with power" mode. I haven't played with the nightstand one yet; so not sure how I'll do the power / display on that one. They seem to go plenty dark in other rooms; but dark enough as a bedside clock is another matter.
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                  On special for $139.99 ship free.

                  Use coupon "USPYT832310" on the Lenovo Website when you check out... It will show a different price with a different discount, but add it to you cart and then use the coupon, it will remove the current special price and updated it to 139.99.
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                      On the Lenovo Website.
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