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    Originally posted by pkoslow

    I think I just used a standard Ethernet cable... be sure to use terminators on both devices too.

    Thanks Paul


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      Just bragging here,
      I just received my $200 AP800. It came with not one, but six G-Link cables in original bags. Would these be terminated, or can I use them for ethernet? I have no need at this point for the G-Link. I was lucky enough too, to have a box full of 3-pin phoenix connectors in my desk at work. Each PLC processor I buy comes with three and we don't always need them. Glad I didn't throw them out.
      Now, to put all other projects aside and play with this!!!
      Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


        Although not required from what I've seen, the manual suggests that a single AP800 not using the G-Link be terminated. If you don't have a terminator, you can build one with a connector and 100 ohm resistor between terminals 3 and 6 as described above. They are NOT Ethernet connectors.


          Thanks for the tip on termination.
          Yes, I realize the connectors on the AP800 aren't ethenet. I received six cables however, which, if not terminated themselves, which I doubt, can be used in my network. I never seem to have enough cables. I'm always adding something or other to the network.
          Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.