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    Ap400 question(s)

    A few months ago... i went ebay shopping and got a couple AP400's... (couldn't snag an AP800)

    I did my first VR experience with the phone last night.. and now i'm hooked

    I hooked up my AP400 as follows:

    Sound Card 1, Default Wav, H.S. TTS >>> Mono to one Aux Input of AP400

    Sound Card 2, Winamp MP3 >>>> Stereo to two aux input on AP400

    Output 1&2, to stereo AMP 1 for Bedroom Zone

    Output 3&4, to Stereo AMP 2 for Kitchen zone.

    I set up several scenes..

    WinAmp to Zone 1 and Zone 2

    WinAmp to zone 1, H.S. TTS to zone 2

    WinAmp to zone 2, H.S. TTS to zone 1

    HS TTS to zones 1 and 2

    I can manually select whatever scene i want.. and it works wonderfully.. (of course.. i don't have seeramp or any remote control for winamp yet...)

    If i get "IsSpeaking" or "Speakeasy".. can i use that and Dantelope's Script (which i haven't looked at yet)..

    Can i pick scenes on the fly?

    Can i code (script) my own scenes (AP400 is limitted to 4 scenes).. using the script tools from Dantelope?

    I eventually want to set up a 4-6 zone whole house audio... and intercomm... and VR.. (yup... i got the idea from y'all)

    Can i hook the two AP400's up together and get in essence a 16 x 16 mono mixer? (2 x 8x8) ?

    Complete with Echo Cancellation on the 6 or so mikes i want around the house?

    If so... I'm in Tech Weenie heaven...

    If anyone can comment on the above...

    (yea, it is challenging and can be done...
    ... or nay, I must have "over enjoyed" the 70's and 80's a bit too much... who'd of thunk i needed those braincells )



    Special thanks to all you who worked on the AP400/800 ahead of me and kept the discussion going for us lurkers over the last 6 months.

    Andrew B.