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AP800 interference warning

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    AP800 interference warning

    I got my AP800 hooked up and I'm starting to play with it, but I have a word of warning for anyone with wireless equipment. The AP800 seems like a giant electronic noise generator. If it was operating and within 5 feet of the receiver for my wireless alarm sensors, I'd get repeated "supervision" warnings, meaning my wireless receiver couldn't receive a sensor's beacon.

    To make a long story short, keep this in mind if you are planning to join the AP800 group, that the AP800 has to be as FAR from sensitive wireless stuff as possible.

    Since I moved the AP800 as far from the receiver that I could, and I'm still having problems, this weekend I'm moving the receiver to the other side of the room. I'm lucky that my "home automation closet" is also my master bedroom closet, so I have lots of room.

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble, anogee. Are you sure it's the AP800 generating noise?

    I have my AP800 in a rack within 12 inches of my wireless router and within 5 feet of my DSC alarm panel. I've never had any trouble with either.



      I've not seen interference issues with the AP800 either.

      I have two racked together and at one time had a Cisco WAP about 6 rack spaces above. The two AP800 are also within 2ft of the NX416E wireless receiver which is mountedabove in the attic with no ill effects.

      When I was using my W800RF32A, it wass zip tied to the rack about 6 inches from the back of the AP800's but the antenna was remote up in the attic 5-6ft proximity to the AP800's.

      Maybe your AP800 has some deamons?


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        Well, my AP800 does have deamons, but that's another issue.

        I should have mentioned that the wireless sensors I think work at 300 MHz. I wouldn't worry about Wi-Fi. That's very robust. These wireless sensors run years on a button battery, so they aren't the most powerful.

        Its definitly the AP800. Unplug it and problems go away. Plug it in, and they are back. The receiver is a GE Quickbridge, if you know what that is, and they even say they should be 6 feet away from each other, and since I do have two, that adds another restriction.

        I like the AP800, but with the billions of settings, it may take a while to adjust. I'm guessing that I should set the gating for 1 mic only for VR? Unfortunatly my wife likes to listen to LOUD TV so getting it all adjusted should be fun.


          Originally posted by pkoslow

          Maybe your AP800 has some deamons?
          Ya, like you spell checker.

          Editor's note: Please don't sort through my 1800+ posts checking for spelling errors, I just like tossing rocks in my glass house...



            Mine is in the basement with the antenna in the attic. The antenna about 10 and 20 feet from a couple of AP's. Its been working well now for a couple of years. I have wireless sensors on the 2nd floor, main floor, basement and outside and it is working well. My 2.4 gig telephone doesn't get along with the WLAN stuff but my 5.8 gig telephone is working well. Never heard of a GE quickbridge. What is it?
            - Pete

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              10 ft. shouldn't be a problem, but 2 or 3 isn't good. Today I'll be adding an RFID receiver to my setup, so I'm crossing my fingers.

              Basically a Quickbridge is a simple 8-channel receiver that can add wireless sensor support to a panel that normally doesn't include it.