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Bad PZM11-LL?

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    Bad PZM11-LL?

    Hello all. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong here, but I have a feeling it's just a bad mic.

    I just received a PZM11-LL. I already have a Crown MB3 installed and connected to an AP400. The MB3 has worked fine.

    I setup the pzm11 using the 24v dc adapter for power since I'm not really comfortable making changes to the circuit board on the mic in order to provide phantom power from the ap400. I HAVE turned off phantom power in the ap400 software. I've checked and rechecked several times the wiring assignments that came with the mic, but no matter what I try, all I get is static thru the mic.

    I'm not sure what else to try... can anyone think of any "well duh, you gotta do this instead" adjustments... or is it likely that I have a bad mic?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick fix.

    Thanks for your time,




      isn't the PZM11-LL a line level mic? do you have it connected to a mic level input? If so you are overdriving the mic level input by a couple hundred times. Mic level inputs are somewhere around 10-20 millivolts, line level is usually about 1 volt
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