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AP800 and Microphones

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    AP800 and Microphones

    Hello All, I am a noob to HS but am jumping in with both feet. I have a dell poweredge 2500 rackmount system and 2 AP800's now and after doing a bunch of research etc. I am ready to look at purchasing mics. It appears that most people have had great luck with the Crown microphones. I have seen many references to people using the far less expensive PA3's from supercircuits. However, I have not seen anything that references the PA3's used in conjuction with the AP800. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with this combination. I see that I can acutally enable and disable the phantom power on the AP800 on a per mic input basis so that I could potentially run a mixed environment.

    I am going to be placing these mics throughout the main floor (1275 sq ft) and the basment (1275 sq ft) and possibly the garage.

    Any input would be great.

    Also, I think I understand how to properly wire a balance mic to the unit and enable the phantom power etc, but what would be the proper way to wire up a PA3 or a crown PZM-10LL (Line Level)?

    Thanks to all for the assistance.

    You didn't mention why you will use the mics, but if its voice recognition, you might want to stick to one brand throughout. You might have a better recognition accuracy rather than trying to work with several types.

    I have all differential mics, but I use a device called a Clean Box to convert my CD player output to AP800 input, and AP800 output to PC input. Here is a link:

    You can also get them on e-Bay. I also have heard of others just connecting line input or output to the AP800 directly, and that may work, but you are risking noise. The Clean Box is cheap, and gives you two inputs and outputs, plus a volume control, so I think its worth it.


      It will be for VR. However, as I understand it, The AP800 manual states that any of the mic inputs can be configured to accept line level or balanced inputs. I think the same is true for some of the outputs.


        Any input of the AP800 can be line LEVEL or mic level, but that doesn't change the fact that the AP800 only supports differential professional inputs and outputs. Its apples and oranges. The level and the physical connection are two different things. Outputs of the AP800 are always line level. (Why would you want an output which was mic level?)


          I think then one of my questions is, can I just take the wires for a line level mic and only connect them directly to two of the pins on one port? If not, Why? If the mic input is set to line level and the mic is line level. can't I just use a + and a - pin? or + and ground?

          Also, If I have to use the a Cleanbox, then the cost of buying the cheap mics is really about thesame as the cost of the Crowns.


            You don't have to use a Cleanbox, but you are asking for noise if all isn't perfect. A second option in-between a Cleanbox and nothing is to use cheap matching transformers available from places like Radio Shack.


            The problem with this solution is that you must figure out some of the connector matching.

            So, you may have to do some trial and error. Connect it directly and see if it works for you, but if you have long mic runs, your going to get noise without using differential inputs. That's why they are used in the first place.

            By the way, even with the Cleanbox OR a transformer you might have problems is the majority of the cable is not differential, meaning the Cleanbox or transformer should be on the mic side of the cable, not the AP800 side.

            So, long story short, use differential mics designed for the application that you have. PZM-10LL mics are normally more money than differential ones anyway.


              Makes sense... Thanks for your advice. After all is said and done, I think instead of trying to use the cheaper mics like the pa3's (10.00), I'm going to get on ebay and look for some pzm 11's and possibly pzm 10's. I don't think its worth the hassle of trying to send power to the PA3's and then buy all the adapters required to get them to work. It would probably not be much more to just buy the better crown mic's to start with and use the phantom power built into the AP800. It would certainly look alot cleaner....Probably sound that way also.

              Thanks again.