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Wiring woes: ap400 & mb1

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    Wiring woes: ap400 & mb1

    I'm not sure if I'm here more as a release or for seeking help, but here goes...

    I've got an AP400 and an MB3 wired and it works quite well. Maybe it was beginner's luck back when I set it up, but I had zero problems with it from the start, and it's worked flawlessly since. Seeing how it has worked so well, I thought I'd put in a few more mics. I've been keeping an eye on eBay, but hadn't seen any more MB3s coming up. I did find a listing for four MB1s, and as best as I could tell, the specs looked to be mostly similar to the MB3. I bought 'em for $25 - no biggie if they don't work out.

    Soooo... they came in a few days ago and I proceeded to do a test run, wiring it just like the MB3. I use the front panel to monitor the db levels and right away I can tell there's a problem. With my MB3, the level sits solidly at -60 dB, but when I try the MB1, it hovers around -35 dB. Moreso, if I use headphones I hear a lot of line noise at a constant level. I don't hear cracking or popping... just a constant hiss. I do hear that with the MB3, but it's much lower.

    If I talk at a normal level, I do not hear myself through the MB1, but if I loudly speak directly into the mic, I can hear myself.

    Again, I simply unplugged my working mic from the back of the AP400, wired in my new mic, didn't change any settings, and it's not working. I've tried using just a short run of wire (3 or 4 feet), and I've tried all four mics - all with the same results.

    Are the MB1s not compatible with something like this?

    Please keep in mind, I'm no sound guy whatsoever... so if there's something glaring, be kind.

    BTW, I'm using 4 conductor 22g shielded wire.

    Thanks for listening.