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    New to Voice Recognition

    I would like to get involved in voice recognition, but would like to start fairly basic. I have two computers each having Homeseer Speaker so I can connect microphones to each for two areas in the house I would like to start with.
    Please provide a recommendation for microphones that have good background noise cancelation and sensitive enough that I can be within 10 feet or so and be understood. Obviously, upward compatibility as I expand on this resource is important.
    Any recommendations for microphones or other will be helpful.

    I don't think many folks use VR... I use it all the time.
    It can be a touchy thing to get working.

    Some peoples voices just do not work..others are great for VR.
    If you have a good voice for VR you'll find the mike doesn't matter all that much. If you think VR will work in a room with the TV blaring and kids screaming... you're dreaming.

    If you have a quiet house VR will work great.

    Some sound cards are also plain CRAP for VR. It just will not work reliably.
    I've had good luck with Soundblaster cards using Supercircuits PA3 mikes.
    Currently I am using a USB mike for VR on both my desktop speaker clients. One is an inexpensive Logitech and the other is a Samson C01U studio mike.

    I leave VR enabled 24/7 and activate with "Hello Kate, are you there"
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      Many also use the PZM11.
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