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AP 800 - how to output the input

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    AP 800 - how to output the input

    I have a pretty simple can I tell if I have my ap800 set up to accept my microphone?

    For example....when a mic is plugged into windows, adn you go to that mic input, you can see little green bars going up and down according to speech; or, you can output the speech to speakers.

    How can I do that with the ap800?

    Also, what do I need to do to have HS recognize the input? I do know how to do it for one microphone (used to do that); however, I do not have my ap800 listed as an input device on my speaker client / in windows. How do I set that up?

    Sorry for the late reply, you might have found an answer somewhere else but never the less:

    1. Connect your mic to a mic input on the AP800
    2. Connect the RS232 (COM Port) of the AP800 to your PC
    3. Install APware on the PC (winXP)
    4. Check your AP800 firmware version, it should be at least either 2.40 or 2.40e
    5. Start APware
    6. Tricky: create a new site, use the communications settings as configured on the AP800 (through the LCD menu), like 38400 8 1 etc. Usually the AP800 WILL NOT CONNECT THE FIRST TIME. This is "normal" and Gentner blames windowsXP (I know better, they open the com port in a wrong manner). Save the site and open it again. Press connect and presto, it will connect (read user manual for more info on APware).
    7. Now you can open the input panel, add phantom power to the mic port used in step 1 (if needed) and by selecting the checkbox (next to the volume bars) for that port and look if the volume bars show activity for the mic. (again, read the manual....)
    This can all be done by the front-panel also, but using APware is the easiest way to configure the AP800.

    Obviously (I hope, otherwise you should refrain from using a complicated mixer like the AP) you came to the conclusion that you need a cable between one of the line outputs of the AP800 (A,B,C or D) and your mic input on the PC.
    If you wonder how to connect the balanced output of the AP to the unbalanced input of the PC: connect earth and minus of the AP line output to the ground of your PC mic input (usually minijack, ground is the lower part of the plug, the schield part of the cable). Connect + from the AP line output to the positive input of your PC mic input (the tip of the minijack plug, the little plasic wrapped copper core of the cable). USE QUALITY SHIELDED AUDIO CABLE!
    Now using APware, open the matrix window and by placing a colored square on the crossing of your mic input and the line output you connected with the cable, you can route the audio from your mic to your PC. The color of the square indicates if the mic uses gating or not.

    If all this sounds like gibberish to you, I would advise to READ THE MANUAL and see if someone can explain basic matrix mixer setups to you, since the AP800 is an advanced (read extremely complicated) piece of equipment. If no one is available I would suggest google for getting the basics on thing like gating, routing etc.


    (running 2 cascaded AP800 with 8 mics, 6 speakers,full 7.1 hometheater audio input from the living room and stereo audio input from the upper floor AV system for noise cancellation.... and yes, it works like a charm)

    P.s. Did I suggest reading the manual yet ?


      That is exactly everything I needed to hear. I was able to get everything completed (minus the output, I need to run to radioshack and get a cable) working up to that point.

      Once I get this portion completed, then I will tackle the HS part...which should be pretty easy, just use the line in as the Mic I am guessing.


        Ok, I got the cable and hooked everything up, and it is working.

        One quick question before I really start diving in and testing it to all hell...I am getting a lot, lot of feedback on my mic currently (I check the box to listen to the mic and I talk into it) is all echos and loud screaches.

        Is this a cause of:
        a) my gentor settings
        b) my cheap radio shack wireless mic (bought for testing)
        c) my cheap radio shack wireless mic's antenna being within inches of the gentor / cpu
        d) a combination of all the above
        e) a combination of specifics of the above

        I originally thought I had to go wireless due to my house and it's build, but I have new ideas on how to successfuly run wires throughout the house, so I plan on getting some crowns now


          Iam not a expert but you should first make sure that your audio out coming from your PC is not too high... That you can adjust Thur your PC on board recorder (its in your accessory's). Try recording something then re play what you recorded, you should hear it crisp and at a level that is comfortable to your hearing. When thats done you connect the output of your PC to your input on the AP800. Remember if its to high in your input there will be distortion in your output.
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            Will do.

            I purchased some crown microphones also, so when they come in, I'll do this testing.