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Joining the Gentner AP800 Club - Nubee questions

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    Joining the Gentner AP800 Club - Nubee questions

    Well, I guess I am now a member of the ap800 club . Now just trying to figure out some things about it. I am up and running on the 2.4 firmware and can communicate via ap-ware. I was able to do a simply matrix test from Input C to Output C and it worked. I have not tried any Voice Recog yet.

    Some questions I have:
    Outputs, there are 3 pins, a +, -, and Ground. I had hooked up a set of powered computer speakers, which inputs have 4 wires, a + and _ for the Right and left channel. I have made it worked by hooking the +s and the -s together and leaving the ground pin empty, granted its not stereo. The issue I have is a dang HISS. No matter which output I put it on a-d or the numbered one, I hear a high pitched hiss, any suggestions?

    Also, I have been digging around on the board, I know someone has written some scipts for the AP 800, but I can't seem to find them now.

    Thanks again!


    Did some more tinkering... Even if i mute the output, I still hear the hiss. if I physically disconnect the speakers from the ap800 it goes away, but as soon as I hook it to an output, the hiss is back.


      No Opinions?

      Well if anyone is reading, I think i may have had the gain turned up too high and the speakers up too high. I am still learning. This is a very neat device. Looks like I can switch 12 inputs x 12 outputs in any fashion. I finally figured out how to serially control the switching. I had to use windows sci calculator to go from Binary to hex, then it worked just fine.

      I plan on using this for both VR and distributed voice alerts.


        Hi John,

        Welcome to our select club of happy AP800 users .

        I posted some quite extensive mails last year regarding the AP800 setup, so search for my posts in this thread for detailed info.

        Did you download the ap800 manual yet? It explains how to connect the balanced in- and outputs of the unit with unbalanced devices (e.g. your computer speakers). Basically you connect the "-" from your speakers to the "-" and "ground" terminal (just use a little wire on the AP side to short the two terminals, so don't run two seperate wires), and the "+" to the "+" (duh). Same goes for the Line In comping from your PC.

        Use high quality, shielded cables and make sure you disable all (mic/line) inputs on the Gentner except the one's you're using. A hiss tells me the most likely you have one of the sources over amplified or not connected.

        Read my posts, study the manual and then when you have questions you can either post them here or PM me.