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Way late to the party - Question about Sonos vs AP-800

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    Way late to the party - Question about Sonos vs AP-800

    Hey y'all

    New HomeSeer user here. Actually I bought the software sometime back but I had to delay my plans to move out of my current apartment so all my HA stuffs that I've purchased were stored away, waiting for the right opportunity to use 'em.

    So anyway, Here I am now I'm in the midst of renovating a 20 yrs old house that I've purchased and am planning whole house audio + VR system. I'm leaning toward Sonos as the audio system, since me and the wife are already apple users with a few iOS devices... and am thankfully informed of the existence of the Gentner AP-800 through the resourceful luminaries of this forum

    But I do have questions before pulling the trigger (on the Sonos system, since I've already purchased the AP-800s off Ebay :P), will the two systems work ok?
    Do Sonos system have (too) significant audio delay that AP-800 will have problem echo-cancelling\ignoring HomeSeer's announcements?

    Thanks in advance!
    HW: HS3 w/ Win8.1 on ASRock C2550d4i. Digi AnywhereUSB, Hubport, Edgeport, UZB, Z-trollers, PLCBUS, SONOS, GC-100, iTach IP2SL, WF2IR, IP2IR, RFXtrx433, Harmony Hubs, Hue, Ademco Vista 128BP, NetAtmo, NetAtmo Welcome

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