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Monetary/PTT Switch for VR

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    Monetary/PTT Switch for VR

    Hi All - i have a seperate PC setup in my theater room running the HS Client with an Acoustic Magic AM100 Voice Tracker Microphone attached via 3.5mm in the Mic jack. It works great in a quiet situatation especially since i installed it over my theater seats but obviously when the room is noisy theres no way it will work.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a push Button (PTT) with 3.5mm mic jacks to be installed in-line so i can simply hold the button down to speak and let go for it to mute.

    Ive seached online and the best i can find is this:

    i can buy xlr to 3.5mm adapters but not sure if its a solution.

    Any ideas...?

    I think you are the first person that has commented on the Acoustic Magic microphone on this board, at least from a recent search and post I made.

    I am very curious how it works and the specifics of the environment its in.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    Sorry I cant comment on your need for a push button switch, but it is a good idea.


      I had set the mic up and it performed a lot better than the standard pc mic I had. I have a theater room setup in my basement and installed it beneath the projector shelf above my viewing seats.

      The big issue is it picks up everything! Tv sounds and regular conversations. I tried all sorts of attention phrases but homeseer kept asking may I help you whenever it felt like it. It got very annoying so I turned it off and started using my iPad for control with irule and Mobilinc.

      I'm really hoping the push button idea pans out. Holding a button to speak should work well (I hope)



        Ive reached out to the company that makes the mic mute switch to see if it will work with a PC mic. This was they're response: "It will only work with a balanced xlr signal. If you try a unbalanced 1/8 or 1/4 it wont work." Apparently nobody make one for a PC mic.

        I started looking around for alternative solutions and this is what i came up with:
        • Download nircmd from (Free)
        • Create a shortcut to mute you mic
        • in the properties of the shortcut create a Shortcut Key (Ctrl-Shift-1) or whatever you prefer
        • I setup my harmony remote to send the command to my PC (I had bought a media center remote for my PC so i can have an IR input to it)
        This actually works pretty well but i can probably set up a macro so that all sound mutes when i press the button to unmute the mic. This way theres no chance of background sound confusing HS.

        Next step is to make it work with Irule. Irule would'nt need the IR on the PC because it can be configured via IP by installing MCE Controller. (Free)