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New internet provider- Frontier?

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  • New internet provider- Frontier?

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    As I understand it, Frontier was focused mostly on rural areas by purchasing phone lines. They also may be an agent to rebundle other carrier's services. They seem to have some fairly negative reviews.

    While Comcast is certainly worthy of criticism for pricing tactics, they have been very good here when the (very rare) problem arises. We pay for 250 down and 10 up and frequently get more than 250 down. Up is usually 10-12.
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      I filed a complaint with the FL AG and DSL Reports dot com website after Frontier took over for Verizon FIOS.

      They took down my router then pushed a new service contract and new hardware while my internet was down for two weeks.

      The FL AG was non committal / worthless relating to helping me.

      Thinking it was my posts on DSL Reports and writing to Frontier ISP managers (from Texas) that fixed me.

      That said as soon as it the new Frontier ISP was working I canceled my contract and went to Comcast.
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