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Stupid (expensive) homs In Silly-Con Valley

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    Stupid (expensive) homs In Silly-Con Valley

    897 sq. foot house for $2,590,000

    32,000 sq foot house for $96,800,000

    Or this for a even 30 million. Nice views though....

    This one sold for 1,600,000 OVER the 8,000,000 asking price

    385 square foot condo for $500,000

    And here's what a cool million bucks buys you....
    My home is smarter than your honor roll student.


    And here I am thinking I paid too much for my ranch that's over the mountain and down in the valley when I could have gotten a castle for the same money 10 miles to the west.
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      Silicon Valley really illustrates a truth an attorney shared with me many years ago when I was buying a new home. He noted that a house is a depreciating structure sitting on an appreciating piece of land.

      I suppose it's just another way to say, "Location! Location! Location!"

      I remember being amazed in the '70s when a half acre lot in Palo Alto would sell for over half a million and the first thing the new owner would do is tear down the existing house. Of course, that lot is probably now going for 10 million.
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