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web page front end to a sql database

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  • rmasonjr
    We use ASP.Net and still support some WebForms apps, but anything we do new is in MVC. The database for both is SQL Server.
    If you want to add/change/delete rows in a table, look for CRUD (Create/Update/Delete) templates.
    If you just want to view data, search for Entity Framework using MVC.

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  • TeleFragger
    started a topic web page front end to a sql database

    web page front end to a sql database

    here is an off the wall request... wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of where I could find such a thing....

    Years ago I worked for a company and a guy had a "template" that he used...
    he edit it up and viola...web page that connected to a sql database.

    at first he used it for something simple like time tracking. you would choose your name from a dropdown list, dropdown on item, add time and submit. could report on it.
    he then took that to a farther piece where he created a database for us to keep track of packages that we packaged with wise package studio. so..
    could search for an app, would show all entries... go into one and edit it if needed. could add files, etc.

    so at work, I support laboratory computers and we do things.. powershell scripts, vbscripts, bat files, etc... well we willy nilly create these, emails go around but nothing organized.

    can someone point me in the direction to help me to a template on creating a solution???

    I have been googling and will keep going.

    currently going through this...

    all in all, I'm a builder of all and master of none and this is something I have never did and have always had on my to do list...

    appreciate any feedback, help, etc.