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Inference statistical model into a script?

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    Inference statistical model into a script?

    Let me explain a little. * this is purely theoretical for now lol. I do not have any big script skill...

    I am doing a ph.d in psychology. And for this I need to master some statistic concepts. I know that when we want to infer a relatively complex stats model with ''m plus program'' it could take 1 minutes to compute ( with a basic laptop ) ( some more complex models could take days... but i am not at this level at all lol).

    So i wonder , would it be possible to do this in a vb net script?

    simple ex:

    taking account previous values of a variable : If there is 75% chance that this variable will be in the range of x and x, than do those action? ( computing a ''simple model '' like that would be instant on a laptop with the stat program).

    seems like it has been done in home assistant :O

    edit: that is more probabilities than inferential stats... but that's cool.

    Since this doesn't base itselft on the anterior state of a sensor, but takes the actual states of multiple sensors , I might try to send data to home assistant and try that component

    if i take the ex of sleep:

    if my fitbit does report any new step (90 %)
    if my phone is charged ( 75%)
    if the light of the room are off (90%)
    if the dorr is closed (80%) and so on.

    then, if the threshold is more than 90%, i am sleeping

    a plugin like that would be very nice on Homeseer !!