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But dad, what does occupied mean?

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    But dad, what does occupied mean?

    So I'm putting my 5yo son to bed this evening and he says 'Dad, how come sometimes when I turn on my light, it goes off?' ....

    Me: Well son.... It's because the automatic lighting control for this room is enabled and house thinks this room not occupied. You aren't entering your room far enough to trip the motion sensor, or your closet door is open and its blocking part of the sensor.

    Son: Ok.... Wait, dad, what does occupied mean?


    It's about right here that I realized that he had asked a very good question. I've based most of my Occupancy logic on motion sensors, and yet clearly, if he turns on the light, the room is occupied.

    I went back and added a simple OR IF statement to my 'Room is Occupied' events and solved his problem. In fact, I think it's going to eliminate a bunch of little quarks I've observed.

    IF Bedroom Motion changes and becomes Violated
    AND IF Bedroom Occupancy Status is Unknown

    OR IF Bedroom Light has had its value set and is not equal to Off
    AND IF Bedroom Occupancy Status is Unknown

    THEN set Bedroom Occupancy Status to Occupied

    Now when the light is turned on, the room is marked Occupied and the Automatic Lighting Control doesn't immediately turn it back off because the room is unoccupied. I mean, it makes sense.

    I'll tell you what, having three separate rules for Occupancy, and two to three rules for turning lights on and off seemed like way overkill when I started this, but there is so much flexibility in this method.

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    Figured someone might ask...

    Really, the issue started when I changed the trigger in the "Bedroom 1 - Automatically turn off lights when occupancy status is unknown" from "has been for exactly" to "has been for at least"

    Which, I did of course, because the trigger is only valid for that exact moment, and then it wont fire anymore.