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The Technical Reason Homeseer Can't Trigger Alexa Routines

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    The Technical Reason Homeseer Can't Trigger Alexa Routines

    I am just asking out of curiosity if anybody knows the technical reason why Homeseer devices cannot directly trigger Alexa routines? My Hue motion sensors can do it as can LoRa door contacts and motion sensors from Yolink. I also note that Universal Devices lets you designate state variables in an ISY controller as virtual motion sensors that can trigger Alexa routines. Assuming everybody is using the same API provided by Amazon, what is it that prevents adding a checkbox in addition to the voice setting to designate a Homeseer device to be a trigger for Alexa routines? Likewise why can't Homeseer virtual devices be made to act as Alexa routine triggers in the manner that Universal Devices uses for state variables?

    As I said I'm just wondering what the technology differences are behind the scenes that allows one platform to do this but not another.

    This isn't the technical reason you're asking for, but my understanding is that only certain "sensor" type devices registered with Alexa can be used as routine triggers and no HS devices are created/defined such that Alexa sees them that way. Whether this is just a matter of HST changing the way certain devices are defined, or if HST must first seek some sort of official permission from Amazon, I have no idea.

    edit: After coming back and rereading your post I realize I added nothing to what you already said. At any rate, I hope it's just a matter of HST getting a round tuit.


      so, to add to this, i have set the control use of a virtual device, and i have it showing up in alexa as a motion sensor, i can see it change in the alexa app, but the routine will not fire.i contacted amazon support for this and no reply, for me this is a super frustrating bug as i want to use it to display a camera on my echo show 5. if anyone has any ideas pls let me know


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        Does this help?