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E-mails from Homeseer - always marked as spam by Outlook?

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    E-mails from Homeseer - always marked as spam by Outlook?


    When I click on the "spam" options I'm able to "whitelist" the sender address, but it doesn't help since it's different sender every week.


    SPAM Reasons

    An email can be identified as SPAM for lots of reasons.

    One is when the domain name of the sender does NOT match the domain name of the IP doing the sending. Usually an email client does not check but an email spam filter would.

    Another reason is a malformed sender email address or a malformed reply to address.

    Spam filters that examine content can flag a message as SPAM.

    Here is a link from Microsoft on how to set Outlook Junk Mail filters that might help.


      Thanks, I understand it's complicated.

      The link will be read, but the I'm sure that other are using Outlook and perhaps have the same problem?

      Perhaps Homeseer could send from a fixed e-mail address instead of the "random"?


        the easiest way to fix this, is to setup a quick gmail account for homeseer and send through that. There is even a setting to pick gmail that you don't have to configure any of the server info, it just works.

        That way messages will be sent from a valid mail server with correct PTR record, decent reputation, etc.